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As I’m writing this I’m sitting on the kitchen floor waiting delicacies made by my sister -Osumbuko stew and plain white rice- The love of food I have is irreplaceable.

We mostly celebrate our size when we have worked so hard at the gym…Dieting to an extent greens, sugarless tea and low fat milk become your middle name. Dancing to the beats of aerobics, lifting those weights yet you can lift your burdens that high and waking up at wee hours of the night going for joggs around the estate.

A normal human being would celebrate their size when they have lost some pounds and are now where they want to be healthwise and being fit… And reward themselves by even buying new clothes and stuff. Do you know how i reward myself? Food!!… Pssst I’m glad I ain’t like any normal human being….

For the past month, everyone is singing to me on how I have gained weight. I know most of these people, 99% think if they tell me that, I would wake up the next day with sport shoes on and borrowed gym attires ( I don’t own one coz I don’t think I need them) and go waste my energy and time trying to lose pounds so that I can please them. Just so you know, I’m very very comfortable the way I am… It might not look so because you think loosing weight is all about having a flat tummy, protruded cheek bones, tight ass and no cellulites on your thighs.

To me, loosing weight is when you feel lighter than you were few month ago. Oh i lost a kg in three months… Can i get an Amen!!

I know most plussize women are not comfortable and every time they are told they have gained, insecurities get worse but hey, people never lack anything to say about you. And that’s how you know you are growing Not everyone will tell you how beautiful you have become, so its upon yourself to see everything positively within you and embrace it.

Love yourself so much coz you the only person who can do that.

Last words for this month, In everything you do , put God first, then you follow.


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